About Us

About MAK Investments

MAK Investments is a private real-estate investment firm which was founded in 2019 by Aziz and Mariyah Kaderbhai. We are a for purpose family run business with the intent to invest in real estate to create generational wealth that will be redeployed to serve the greater good of society. We operate on the principals of TRUST, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and HUMANITARIANISM. We want more so we can give more!

Where We Play

Joint ventures

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success! At MAK Investments, we strive to learn, educate and share the wealth with our investing partners to provide us both with additional knowledge and expertise. The best part is, joint ventures will provide an opportunity for investors to invest passively as MAK investments takes on the role of working partner so you can reap the benefits of real estate without the work. Being a financial investor with us will provide you with a high ROI as we manage the responsibilities of each real estate project we take on.

Private Lending

Looking for a more personalized investing experience? Our 6-18 month private lending opportunities are a great way to keep your money working as well as create passive income. We have worked with several partners on private lending deals in which we were the lenders as well as providing investors opportunities to invest with us on our own projects.

Buy And Hold

Buy and hold can sound intimidating as it comes to buying a property and managing it long-term. But – if you do your due-diligence on the property before diving in, it can quickly become one of the best investments you can make. Buy and hold projects are great for long-term wealth building, because remember – it’s not about timing the market but time in the market.

Here are 5 ways to make money through a buy and hold:


Mortgage pay down

Market appreciation

Cash flow

Adding value

Tax benefits


Flips are perfect for those looking for a short-term investment. Through joint ventures and private lending opportunities, our investors are able to make their return within 4-6 months.

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